Extremely accurate data extraction, classification and redaction software
for managing your unstructured data.

Data extraction and redaction
software for taming unstructured data.


You have more important work to do than keying data.


Unstructured data management tools you need for the redacting and indexing public records.


Unstructured data management software you need to integrate and protect health information.

Extract Systems speeds up unstructured data management workflows.


“LabDE  enables us to capture faxed lab results through an automated process.  We’ve streamlined our workflow, increased throughput and reduced errors.”

Lorie Heinen, LIS Project Manager
Aurora Advanced Healthcare

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“LabDE is aligned with our commitment to responsive service. Having access to structured data in the EHR improves  healthcare quality, reduces medical errors and lowers costs.”

Ray Stein, Manager of Lab Applications
Health Network Laboratories


“By investing time up-front to define the most precise redaction rules possible, ID Shield is finding 99+% of the personally identifiable information within the state’s filings.”

Illinois Secretary of State

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“Bringing indexing in-house saves Racine County $30,000 annually and records are available to the public two to three hours after they’re filed. Accurate, computerized indexing is now an important part of the recording process. The software is easy to use which minimizes the impact on county staff.”

Tyson Fettes, Register of Deeds
Racine County, Wisconsin

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